“Lisa really took the time to listen to me describe my past job experiences, and created a professional, well-written resume with content that really focused on my strengths. Whenever I needed to tweak my resume, she was very accommodating and was very helpful with making suggestions. I had researched other resume writing professionals prior; I chose Lisa for her willingness to take the time to listen to all of the details, what I was looking for in a career, and honed in on my strengths. Not to mention, the prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend Ace the Resume!”
Dawn, H., Project Management
“I hadn’t updated my resume since I graduated college and first entered the work force. I knew it needed to be refreshed, but I didn’t know where to begin. Every time I went online to read an article or look for some guidance, I got lost in information overwhelm. I met Lisa during a career workshop she was presenting and immediately knew she was credible, experienced and down to earth. When we dove into my resume and Lisa examined it more closely, Lisa was able to point out that I had much more knowledge and experience than I realized. She knew the right questions to ask to get me thinking about what I’ve accomplished. During our discovery session, Lisa walked me through each of my work experiences and the impact I had on each organization. Her professionalism and attention to detail is second to none. I would, without hesitation, recommend Lisa to anyone looking to revamp their resume and get clear about their career goals.”
Anna K., Marketing
“Lisa Alexander was very resourceful when it came to choosing a college major, especially since I was half-hearted about my choice. Luckily with the tools she had given to me, along with talking it out with her, I made a definite decision and am now very confident with the career path I’ve chosen.”
H.H., Student (High School)
“After unsuccessfully trying on my own to update my résumé, I sought Lisa’s services and it was a smart decision. She produced a newly captivated résumé that incorporated 10 years of my professional experience, emphasizing key language to target my audience. Her service also extended beyond our initial consultation, and she was instrumental on giving career advice on my new career path.”
G.Q., Finance
“My résumé turned out better than what I expected! Thank you.”
R.E., Federal Government
“The résumé created by Lisa is beautiful — it’s so polished and I can’t wait to use it!”
Kate, M., Wellness
“The process of creating and organizing your résumé can be very time consuming and tedious work to make flawless, especially for a college student. But with the expertise of Lisa Alexander I have been able to present a résumé that not only reflects all my accomplishments but also expresses personality and qualities from within myself. Lisa understands what her clients are looking to evoke in their résumé and is successful in doing so.”
Heather, H, Student (Graphic Design)
“I was very happily surprised to see my new résumé from Lisa. She did an exceptional job at creating a professional resume that tailored my professional experience. Lisa was able to change the content of my résumé from standard quality to high quality. She was also very inspirational in helping me keep focused on my job search. She gave me pointers on how I can expand my job search in other areas. I must say her advice was correct. After reposting my résumé, within a few days I started receiving calls.”
M.M., Pharmaceutical
“Lisa Alexander was phenomenal and instrumental in assisting with the preparation of my job interview. I learned about the many different types of interview questions and Lisa helped me in crafting responses. We also practiced the interview questions in a tele ‘mock interview’ session. I landed the job! Thanks to Lisa and Ace The Résumé for outstanding work!”
John Z., Federal Government
“Lisa Alexander’s services have been a life saver! In the past, I struggled with getting the attention of prospective employers and doubted the quality of my own résumé. Lisa assisted me in constructing a résumé that best marketed my experience and abilities. She shared résumé writing techniques and strategies. Now, I have a tool to move forward with confidence!”
Stephenie W., Education
“Thank you Lisa for your input on my résumé. I got interviews with the majority of places I sent my résumé to and all of them commented on how professional and impressive it was. I was offered a job after my first interview and I’m thankful for the role you played. Your creative and effective revisions were just what my résumé needed, making it look polished and highlighting the right information to get the attention I needed. Thanks again. You have one very satisfied client and I highly recommend you to others!”
Anita H., Career Changer
“I desperately needed help in making a résumé. After being a ‘stay-at-home-mom’ for 15 years I wasn’t sure if I could even make a résumé out of my past experiences that would fill up a page. Needless to say the task felt daunting. I went to see Lisa as a career services advisor and I was pleasantly surprised. She made it easy, she knew exactly what to do to make my résumé a success and I am very proud of what we came up with. Lisa responded promptly to any e-mails or questions that I had. She had many great suggestions and professional advice which made my overall experience surprisingly painless. I am so thankful for her knowledge and I would recommend her to friends and family! Thanks Lisa!”
Jenn B., Stay-At-Home Mom
“I was thoroughly impressed with my resume. As a busy full time employee, student, and a full time mother I could not find enough time in the day to update my 10 year old resume. Lisa has highlighted my greatest assets and have polished in a way that is unbelievable. Within one week of putting my resume to the test, I was invited in for two interviews.”
Felicia B., Healthcare
“I could not be more pleased with the outcome and update of my resume. Lisa used all of my experiences, and crafted them in a way that I would have never thought to do. She was very detailed, precise and prompt from start to finish, and delivered the best quality. She also gave me advice on which areas I should pursue to enhance my knowledge, in order to move forward with my career search. I also appreciate her compassion and guidance. I would recommend a billion plus more, thanks Lisa.”
Tiffany J, Federal Government
Working with Ace the Résumé Career Services was the best decision ever! My resume looks professional and amazing, as opposed to how it was before. I used my new resume to apply for a part-time Dispatcher job and instead got an interview for a full-time Police Officer position. The recruiter also mentioned the professional look of my resume. I would thus highly recommend Ace The Résumé to anyone. Lisa took the time to ask questions; find out in detail what my responsibilities, duties, and accomplishments were at the different jobs; and she made sure it was properly displayed on my resume.
G.P. Law Enforcement
I was immediately impressed with my resume! It was so professional and in-depth. It was structured in a way to target jobs in my industry sector and directly related to the specific job that I was applying for. I would definitely recommend Ace The Resume. The service was above and beyond, and the result beyond what I expected!
J. Bailey, Federal Government
It was difficult on my own to articulate my career experience into a professional resume and I was not getting any leads with my own resume. Thus, I reached out to Ace The Resume. Lisa was easy to work with and clearly positioned my skills, expertise, and experience in the medical field into a professionally designed resume. I was thoroughly impressed!
Renee F. Medical
Working with Lisa as an Entrepreneur was the best decision ever! I struggled with presenting my business to others. Lisa laid out a detailed and clear plan to target my audience, re-position my brand, and present in an engaging way to my audience. This resulted in increased and immediate new clients. Thanks Ace The Resume
L.D. Entrepreneur
I’ve had the privilege of working with Lisa recently. Lisa did an exceptional job in recreating my resume. Not only was it detailed but creative as well. She takes the time listen and understand her client’s needs, not to mention her feedback and suggestions are invaluable. I would definitely contract Lisa once again.
W. Rozas, Information Technology
Lisa facilitated a mentoring session I attended between alumni and student leaders at Rutgers Business School. The purpose of the meeting was to create a structure whereby student clubs could tap into the mentoring skills of successful alumni. Lisa led us through several exercises that helped to break the ice and build a strong basis for communication that served us well throughout the year that the program existed.
J. Tintera, Marketing
Lisa E Alexander is a very dedicated Professional who eagerly assist her clients in writing a well-written and detailed resume. With great knowledge in career management and professional development, Lisa is able to help clients develop a thorough summary of their accomplishments and achievements on their resumes and reserves enough time to make sure each client is satisfied with the end result. Not only does Lisa help clients to write an effective resume, but also she serves as a guidance and a career coach to help you plan next steps. I have had a humbled experience with Lisa that I don’t think I can get any where else
M. Frimpong, Student (Human Resources)
Lisa, who was a colleague with me at Prudential Investments, is a very intelligent person who is very business oriented in any profession she has ever worked with. Being the founding member of her own venture, I highly recommend her for her service at Ace The Resume LLC,. Her insight in perfecting the resume using the professionalism and highly skill tools makes her the ideal candidate to help young professionals looking for work in this highly competitive job market the person to turn to for assistance.
K. Mehta, Finance & Sales
At first glance of my resume, I was impressed! Lisa was very professional and very good at identifying the gaps in my resume. She enhanced the presentation so that recruiters would want to take an interest in my experience. I appreciate her passion for promoting me in the best light.
L.W., Project Manager
Lisa has great articles and posts that I continue to utilize as a reference when working with students and personal clients. Her topics cover a wide range of career services advice and can be used by anyone who is in need of up to date information. I highly recommend anyone to utilize Lisa and Ace The Resume services as she has been a great asset to my resource library and I am confident that she will do the same for you.
R. Scott, Education
Lisa is an insightful career advisor and writer. She helped me to view my work experience in a way that made me really think about my true talents and what I should be looking for in my career. This helped with my confidence to look ahead at the potential a new start can bring. I would recommend having a resume done professionally by Lisa at Ace The Resume. It is worth the investment in your future.
Jennifer B., Health & Wellness
I am a seasoned HR professional who is nearing the end of a 40+ year corpoarate career, but who is not ready for the rocking chair. In anticipation of launching my own HR consulting service, I contacted ACE THE RESUME. Lisa reconstructed my resume to highlight my consultative skills in such a way that would appeal to any potential client. She “reinvented” me and made me look better, even to myself!
Carl W, Human Resource
I contacted Lisa about updating my resume with eight years worth of professional experience. Lisa efficiently acquired all the pertinent information required to update my resume through a series of questions relevant to my professional experience. These questions resulted in an impressive resume, delivered within her promised timeframe, highlighting major skills and even minor skills
that I took for granted and never would have thought about myself. Within days of distribution, I had four interviews scheduled and as many offers a couple days after that. The companies valued those small skills that I took for granted and now, three weeks later, I’ve begun my ideal job with matching salary and a future that I am excited about. Lisa is on top of her game and my results clearly show that. Thank you so much, Lisa!
Peter L, Civil Engineer
The old version of my resume was basic, repetitive, and looked the same as other resumes. The problem was that I didn’t think my resume accurately reflected my capabilities. I wanted my resume to stand out but couldn’t get the words together on paper to do so. That’s where Lisa came in, I spent time on the phone with her answering questions about my job history. During the call she was professional and patient then asked follow-up questions to get more information of exactly what I did in my work history. Lisa quickly whipped up an improved resume with detailed facts of what I did during my career in less than a week. I am eager to start emailing my new resume to job opportunities for advancement and be selected for an interview. Lisa, thank you again and I will highly recommend you to friends and colleagues!
LIz B., State Government
I recommend anyone who is looking for a job and needs a resume or cover letter done to use Ace The Resume. Lisa will enhance your resume as well as your chances of getting a job. My resume was previously unprofessional and Ace The Resume made it look extremely professional. Lisa took her time and analyzed every detail of my resume and made the correct edits. Thank you Ace The Resume, I am now ready to go back into the work field prepared to tackle my next job!
J.R., Technology