Résumés For Teens and Young Adults

Teens/Young Adults begin their career journey at a very young age with exposure to various professionals at home, school, media, the community, and in every-day life. They learn about the world-of-work though observation, listening, and practical experience; as they are exposed daily to professionals of varying genders performing different jobs. Providing teens/young adults with the right tools and strategies for building their career can make a difference in their life now and in the future.

3 Reasons to choose Ace The Résumé for your teen/youth’s career:

  • Ace The Résumé will work with you and your teen/young adult to identify their contributions, skills, and accomplishments at home, work, and in society; and translate these experiences to qualifying skill sets on a résumé.

  • Ace The Résumé will work with you and your teen/young adult to educate on various career fields, provide strategies for choosing a career option, provide tips and techniques for pursuing a career path, and offer guidance to execute on the targeted career goal.

  • Ace The Résumé is interested in building our future leaders: doctors, engineers, CEOs, entrepreneurs! Investing in your teen/young adult’s career is investing in our future leaders, and that is an investment worth making!

Ace The Résumé offers résumé writing and career planning workshops to children ages 12+ through one-on-one individual sessions or in a workshop setting (minimum of 7 participants). Parents are welcome to be in attendance for all sessions. If you are interested in investing in your teen/young adults’ career, contact Ace The Résumé today.

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